real estate

Residential - Commercial

Separate yourself from the competition and have your real estate listing stand out with cutting edge aerial real estate marketing!

Our birds-eye view provides great assessment of the entire estate or property that cannot be achieved by typical ground photography.

We also provide interior videography to get that smooth, beautiful high resolution video of the property. 


Land Developing - Building

Drone Services can help you obtain beautiful, high resolution aerial photographs & videos of your new development, construction site and buildings. 

Aerial images enhance monthly progress reports and marketing materials and are often required for legal issues and draw reports.



Promo Video - Commercial

High resolution aerial photographs or videos of your business for website and advertising publications can be priceless. Give a virtual birds-eye tour of your golf course, hotel property or corporate headquarters with unique and breathtaking camera angles. Whether it’s an advertising campaign or your live event, we can offer a creative & fresh perspective.


film & television

Drone Cinematography

Drone Services was founded for aerial cinematography.

We have a love and passion for aerial cinematography and have worked with some of the biggest names known for epic shots, Discovery and Nation Geographic to name a couple. Our team consists of a creative group of filmmakers, technicians, and world-class drone pilots. In the field, we deploy the most advanced cinematic platforms to capture otherwise unattainable shots from any altitude or angle.

We also offer professional aerial cinematography services for everything from car commercials to films as well as sporting events and concerts.


The future of Farming - Drone Services fill a gap between manned aerial inspections and traditional fieldwork. Visible, NIR and NDVI aerial data can produce prescription maps to aid growers in determining crop stress levels, drought indicators, temperature effects, water fertilizer variation and more.

  • Irrigation Equipment Monitoring
  • Mid-Field Weed Identification
  • Variable-Rate Fertility
  • Cattle Herd Monitoring


Industrial Inspections

Volumetrics & 3D GIS mapping

Drone aerial technology can help you and your increase safety and efficiency.

Drones can be used to manage a large development project or just for a singular build site. Our drones provide unparalleled quality and ease-of-use for surveying, monitoring job sites, and 3D GIS Mapping.  Great for hard to reach property and equipment inspections, here are some potential uses to name a few:

  • smoke stack inspection
  • cell tower & water tower inspections
  • power line aerial inspection
  • oil & gas pipe lines
  • wind farm / wind mill aerial inspection
  • roof top damage inspection
  • solar panel inspection
  • refinery flare tip inspection
  • bridge aerial inspection
  • commercial & industrial appraisals
  • insurance damage inspection



Have your own drone business but don't have the time or experience to edit and create final cut show reels?  Let us help!  Our rates are affordable and our quality is unmatched.