High resolution aerial photographs or videos of your business for website and advertising publications can be priceless. Give a virtual birds-eye tour of your golf course, hotel property or corporate headquarters with unique and breathtaking camera angles. Whether it’s an aerial view of that new industrial complex, an advertising campaign or your live event, we can offer a creative & fresh perspective.


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Drone Services was founded for aerial cinematography.

We have a love and passion for aerial cinematography and having been embedded in video, film and photography since 2008. Our entire creative team is here to help you make the right choice for your aerial needs.

In addition to providing ready to fly drone crews for industry professionals and consumers alike, we also offer professional aerial cinematography services for everything from car commercials to films as well as sporting events, concerts and high-end real estate.

Our team consists of a creative group of filmmakers, technicians, and world-class drone pilots. In the field, we deploy the most advanced cinematic platforms to capture otherwise unattainable shots from any altitude or angle. With an extensive background in commercial production and a proven track record of continual innovation, we provide clients an all-in-one solution for realizing their artistic vision.

We can handle your aerial image capture needs from start to finish. No matter how tricky the shot, we can capture it safely and on schedule.

Video and Movie Producers Love Our Drone Team – Often our drones can augment the use of jibs and camera cranes. Fly through narrow areas, city streets or natural obstructions, where a full-size helicopter cannot access safely.

Our flying camera platforms give the Director or Director of Photography stunning shots only dreamed of previously.

We love what we do. To us, this is not a job but a passion for capturing awe inspiring imagery.  We have multiple camera platforms that can carry cameras as small as a GoPro ™ and as big as a twin Red Epic’s (aerial 3D cinema rig).

We keep our promises and deliver the highest quality aerial on time, every time. We have a perfect safety record that shows our commitment to safe flight practices and craft maintenance.

Our fleet consists of a variety of different aircraft that shoot digital video using the highest quality cameras available for Aerial Video and Photography. We match the perfect camera flown with the perfect drone.

Key Benefits for Video, Cinema, and Broadcast
Fly Almost Anywhere – We can fly where no other aircraft can. Our remote controlled aerial platforms are equipped to film from unique vantage points that are often too expensive, too dangerous or just impossible to shoot with full sized helicopters. Safely fly as low as 2 feet above the ground and as high as 400 ft. (598 feet lower than a traditional Helicopter can fly), giving us a range of perspective that has never been possible until now.

Take Your Time – When shooting with a full size helicopter, the hourly charges can be extremely high making reshooting a scene extremely costly. Our UAVs allow you to dial in the perfect shot.

Fast Setup – A big advantage of using our drones over using a camera crane or jib is our setup and launch time. We can be in the air in as little as 10 minutes! Compare that to the typical setup time of a 30’ jib which is often times around an hour and a half. Capture aerial video in multiple locations in a short amount of time.

Low Cost – When you add up the cost of crew, fuel, permits, and insurance, to the cost of a full size helicopter, the added benefit of shooting with a drone is highly apparent.

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Drone Cinematography

Have your own drone business but don't have the time or experience to edit and create final cut show reels?  Let us help!  Our rates are affordable and our quality is unmatched.